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Ariana Grande Hung Out With Her Ex, No, the Other Ex

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With a very eventful 2018 behind her, Ariana Grande was spotted with her ex, Ricky Alvarez, in New York City yesterday. What does it mean? Probably nothing, particularly since Grande specifically expressed that she will not be dating anyone for the duration of the year/her life. Fair!


According to Page Six, where you’ll have to head to see the photo, the two were walking around in Chelsea. I like that Ariana is still totally recognizable even with the lower half of her face mysteriously covered with a black surgical mask, thanks to her long doll hair (which will eventually all fall out if she keeps wearing those ponytails), but mostly due to the spray-tanned sliver of thigh peeking between her boots and her Fendi puffer jacket.


Very excited to see what 2019 has in store for Ariana/her frostbitten legs.

[Page Six]

Madonna performed at the Stonewall Inn on New Years Eve, which must surely have been an intimate, life-changing experience for all lucky enough to be in attendance. Still, all anyone—at least on the internet—can talk about is her butt: Is it misshapen due to plastic surgery? Is it misshapen due to ultra-high tech butt lifting pants? Was it just a weird angle?

Life truly IS a mystery!

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dang can we just get a dev on the fact that no ig photos ever display on the mobile site?? let’s let 2019 be the year that we stop excusing kinja for acting like kinja.