Ariana Grande Calls Out the Virus Deniers

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I don’t know about you, but I still have a couple of friends who I will describe only as “well-off white men” who refuse to take COVID-19 seriously. One spent Saturday night looking for cheap flights he can take this week despite the obvious stupidity of non-essential travel; the other continues to insist “living life as normal” is a good and noble thing to do.  


I see I am not alone in having to suffer these deeply selfish imbeciles who refuse to acknowledge that they could be asymptomatic carriers, spreading an unseen illness to people who lack their relative youth and incredible privilege. Ariana Grande has had about enough as well.

Claiming “This isn’t a big deal” in the face of people who are trying to take preventative steps and keep this from spiraling into a more catastrophic crisis than it already is isn’t just being an asshole, it’s gas-lighting. Knock it off. 



Meanwhile, noted genius Miranda Kerr is posting “helpful info” from a “medical medium” who believes viruses can be staved  off by drinking celery juice.