Area Teen Totally Pissed at Mom

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Claudia Conway announced on Sunday that she has tested positive for coronavirus following her mother Kellyanne Conway’s diagnosis two days earlier, news that Claudia broke on TikTok.


The 15-year-old broke news of her own diagnosis on the app as well, posting a video of herself in the bathtub with the caption “hey guys currently dying of covid.”

Claudia Conway was already pretty pissed at her mom to begin with. Tensions ran high in the Conway household over the summer when Claudia began sharing her anti-Trump sentiments with her social media followings. In one post, she said she was “devastated” that her mother, a senior advisor to the president, would be speaking at the Republican National Convention. When reporters began reaching out to Claudia for interviews, she said her dad George (also notably anti-Trump) was more supportive of her “speaking for herself” while her mom insisted that she take down the content.

Her father apparently changed his tune shortly after, telling reporters to back offand Claudia has made it clear she’s not too happy with either of her parents—but it stands to reason that things are especially tense between the teen and her mom right now. When she first learned Kellyanne Conway had become part of a growing White House covid cluster, Claudia wrote in a caption on TikTok that she was “furious.”

When I was 15, the worst thing my mom had probably done was deny me a ride to a friend’s house, or forbid sleepovers on school nights. Kellyanne Conway attended an ostensible superspreader event to help push through a conservative Supreme Court nominee as part of her job for a president Claudia completely disdains—and presumably transmitted the virus to her daughter. I’d be pissed too!

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Hope Claudia doesn’t have a serious case and fully recovers.

Her mother? is what it is.