Are You Pregnant? Let The Internet Help!

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Here's a widget to tell you if you could be pregnant. No, seriously.


It seems like an obvious question to answer, but many women, especially if they're young and don't have access to health care or sex ed resources, are too terrified or in denial to think through their situation. So this Planned Parenthood widget takes you through the facts. It also includes considering emergency contraception and whether it's an option, and helps users "locate pregnancy-testing or contraceptive services in their area.

But, of course, to actually know for sure if you're pregnant or not, you need to submit some bodily fluids IRL. Turns out the Internet can't do everything.


Am I Pregnant? [PP]

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Bahh! It just tells me to take a pregnancy test- if I had that I wouldn't be using the INTERNET.

It's been 40 days since I had unprotected vaginal intercourse. I'm on the pill but sometimes forget to take it - take it a day late. I got my period last week as planned but it was a few days late and very light. I've been experiencing some fatigue and nausea but can't determining if it's from late nights and drinking or pregnancy symptoms. I'm probably just paranoid - I have major tocophobia - but I'm too scared to take a pregnancy test. Do most people experience symptoms? That show "I didn't know I was Pregnant" is forever burned into my brain,