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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Are Women Better At Cheating?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • A poll from found that women are much better at hiding their extramarital affairs than men. "We find men can be surprisingly reckless when it comes to disguising their affairs," said Sara Hartley, spokeswoman for the company.

While 10% of cheating men admitted to being caught, only 5% of women can say the same. This is thanks in part to our ability with technology. Ladies tend to keep separate email addresses and are far more careful about logging out of Facebook, Hartley claims.

  • To answer the question that's been burning a hole in your brain—is it legal to eat your cat?—Slate writes: "Maybe in some places, but not in New York." However, it might be okay to eat your gerbil. And if you're really gung-ho on eating fluffy, Missouri is probably the place to be.
  • More and more people are becoming flexitarians, according to Time. Ingrid Newkirk, the obnoxious and quite possibly insane present of PETA, recognizes that this is a good thing: "We have to be pragmatic. Screw the principle."
  • Beards are cool, thanks to Jon Stewart and his "vacation beard." Apparently, "scores" of New York guys are growing similar facial hair, inspired by The Daily Show host, much to the chagrin of wives, girlfriends, and bosses.
  • Unemployed? Maybe it's time to head out to Rochester, Minnesota. Expected job growth there is at 12% or more. Other cities that look good for job searchers include Boston, Charlottesville, Ithaca, and Boulder.
  • A survey out of the UK revealed that a quarter of British women are now wearing a size 18 or above. More than 6.2 million women fall into the "plus" sized category, and average size has climbed from a 12 to a 16 (remember, this is in British sizing).
  • According to data from, somewhere between 77 and 95% of women legally change their names when they marry. While most women simply take on the husband's name, many opt for some sort of hybrid or hyphenated name—like Hillary Rodham Clinton. No word yet on what Chelsea will choose.
  • A beauty therapist from the UK claims that she's had sex with 5,000 men in nine years, which the Daily Mail helpfully reminds us is just 3,285 days. Nikki Lee says she keeps track of her conquests in a little red notebook, where she writes down their names, details, and "scores."
  • A new Facebook feature has led to an increase in arrests for child exploitation in the U.K. The "panic button" allows users to report abuse through the social networking site. So far, over 200 people have used the feature.
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