Are These Cable News Pundits OK?

The 2020 presidential race has only just begun, but someone has to keep the lights on at the cable news stations, which means it’s not too soon for cable news pundits to start weighing in on the candidates.

With a 24/7 stream of campaign commentary and 563 days to go until the general election, there are bound to be some extra spicy takes along the way. This is the first installment of a recurring segment highlighting the very best and most bizarre campaign analyses of the week.


Watch the video above and buckle up, it’s going to be a long race.

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Tucker Carlson would love to get his hands on the Buttigieg Stew recipe for the family biz.

Kennedy, on the network that created the Narcissist in Chief, mocking candidates as narcissistic is peak *blown mind*

And yes, the leftward leaning pundits are pretty wacky, too