Are "Male Spinsters" Just Too Darn Picky?

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Despite what romantic comedies would have us believe, some men care about things besides blowjobs and fast cars. They're looking for love!


According to Liz Hoggard in the Evening Standard, today's fortysomething men won't settle for "sex and great conversation" — they "want poetry and the meeting of true minds" and "dream of being married to The One." It's hardly news that some men want these things, and Hoggard's title — "Men are the new lovelorn spinsters" — ignores the fact that middle-aged singlehood is still way more acceptable for men than for women. Still, it's nice to see men being called "picky" for once. [Evening Standard]

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Oooh Shiny Objects

Ah yes, they care about poetry! As long as it's being read by a hot chick in her 20s. All of my 40 yo male friends won't date anyone over 30 - 32. They all feel as if they're a big catch and that they're owed something for all the girls in high school dating college boys. It's sick.