Apply Mascara, Ponder Yoda's Wisdom With Cover Girl's Star Wars Series

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If you’ve ever applied your mascara, gazed adoringly upon your reflection, and whispered—both to yourself and to your imaginary Yoda friend—“Luminous beings are we,” then Cover Girl’s new Star Wars-themed make up line will probably be your jam.


According to Allure, the line launches on September 4 (Get it? “Fourth” sounds like “Force”! Whee!) in advance of The Force Awakens, out this December. Cover Girl’s collection, which includes lipsticks, nail polishes, and mascaras in a variety of hues, will enable you to explore both your light side and your dark. You might even beautify the stuffed ewok your 8th grade boyfriend bought you the day before you dumped him.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath helms this project, and she, at least, is totally stoked. She tells the Huffington Post that the costumes from the original films stirred her artistic sensibilities:

“I watched my first [Star Wars] film as a young girl and, like the rest of the world, was completely blown away...I immediately fell in love with the storyline, the never-before-seen special effects, and the amazing hair, makeup, and wardrobe of Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Darth Vader, and all of the other characters.”

McGrath has channeled this fascination into the creation of six different looks, all inspired by Star Wars, and intended to whet our appetite for the collection itself. Cover Girl has so far released two: one reimagining C-3PO and the other a storm trooper. They’re conceptually provocative—both costumes I imagine Robyn wearing—and frankly I’m far more interested in how McGrath constructs the remaining four looks than I am in droid-colored lipstick.

But look, ewoks aside, I’m a baffled curmudgeon when it comes to space-y movies. If Star Wars-themed nail polish will infuse you with the might of Chewbacca, don’t let me stop you. Just please avoid any Jar Jar Binks-inspired looks — one of the only things I remember about these films is how desperately I wanted to behead him.

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A Small Turnip

Those ads are genuinely terrific. You don’t usually see such strong editorial looks in mainstream makeup advertising, so it makes me feel happy to see it here. I’m fairly boring when it comes to my own face, but I love, love, love when people go a little weird with what they wear. These pictures remind me a little of the kind of thing that Illamasqua does, which is frankly kind of amazing, isn’t it? I hope they do something like Illamasqua’s ode to Princess Leia!