Screenshot: CROCS

Hello, who is walking around in high-heeled Crocs?! Because I know at least *some* of you are, that is, unless everyone is stockpiling them for the apocalypse. They seem like very practical roach-stomping shoes.

CBS News reported on Tuesday that not only did the Croc brand roll out a new model called the “Cyprus V Heel,” but they’ve actually sold out and are being resold on Amazon at more than four times their original price of $44.99. The shoes were described by Crocs as “a pair of causal and comfortable heels and wedges.”


And I’m all for comfortable shoes! But someone, please, explain!

They really do look like they’re itching to be worn on board a space ship leaving Earth because Earth is dying…or in a garden with unfathomably tall weeds, I suppose.

Final prediction: these Crocs heels go the way of fanny packs and bike shorts and end up on Kendall Jenner by September.