Apparently Switching Clothes With Your Partner Is Now a Thing

The Bold Italic recently asked couples on the street to switch outfits to literally walk a mile — well, a few feet, at least — in each other's shoes:

I experienced some clumsy moments: the man who wore pantyhose for the first time, the woman who thought her pants accentuated her boyfriend's ass better than hers, and the couple who continued the day in each other's outfits. I often overheard plenty of laughter from the changing room as they helped dress each other. When the couples came out and saw the other in their clothes, their reactions ranged from slightly nauseated to oddly intrigued, but they all met the experiment with authentic amusement.


The photos are cute, but the concept didn't originate with the BI, which says it was inspired by Hana Pesut's Switcheroo series. The Stranger also ran a similar piece a few days ago. Hmmm.

I guess I shouldn't be that surprised by the trend, because my friends and I have been switching clothes with our significant others for years. I used to fight with my ex-boyfriend over who got to wear the gigantic comfy llama fiber sweater (complete with little llamas ON it) that I got in Bolivia; he actually tried to steal it from me when we (otherwise amicably) broke up. I've dated more than one skinny dude who could fit into my jeans and vice versa. My gay friends have it best, because they can share everything, which sometimes devolves into amusing sibling-type arguments. ("Did you steal my shirt again??") So far, though, no boyfriend of mine has ever wanted to walk in my heels.

[Bold Italic]

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