Apparently 100% of Instagram Users Have an Eating Disorder

People who incessantly post photos of their meals online aren't just trying to make you jealous — they may have serious medical issues, according to the Canadian Obesity Network.

"You don't take pictures of who you're with, you take pictures of what you're eating," Dr. Valerie Taylor, associate professor at the University of Toronto and psychiatrist-in-chief at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, said at a summit earlier this week. "For some people who have the predisposition for weight behaviors it just goes that one step further, and they start to develop unhealthy weight disorders and they start to have weight problems."


Taylor's presentation was entitled "Food Fetish: Society's Complicated Relationship with Food." A worthy hypothesis — but I'm still pretty sure my friend who won't stop Instagramming photos of ramps this month just wants us all to know that she's on trend.


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