Anyone Can Just Make a New Holiday, Including 'Ant Appreciation Month'

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Every day there seems to be a new weird holiday that nobody asked for except maybe restaurants that probably make a few more bucks off of “National Margarita Day.” And the minds behind this never-ending hell cycle of holidays (“Penguin Awareness Day,” “Be Kind to Lawyers Day”) are several people who actually make it a priority in their lives to create weirder and weirder new celebratory days.


CNN talked to a few people who are constantly creating new holidays (except for one man, whose wife now forbids the practice, no other explanation offered) which is actually fairly easy. Chase’s Calendar of Events, a reference book for holidays and important events, lets you submit your own ideas. Although I’m not sure all of the holidays are actually enforced or frankly even known to the general public.

For Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, who calls herself “America’s Premier Eventologist,” it is admittedly an addiction. She has created holidays like Pay A Compliment Day (February 6) and Lost Penny Day (February 12), as well as the much needed Ant Appreciation Month (August), all of which you can find on her blog. And she came to do this after a traumatic event, CNN reports:

Koopersmith started creating holidays — or “holidates,” as she likes to call them — about 30 years ago, almost as a form of therapy after she got mugged in the lobby of her apartment building by a robber who smashed her in the face with brass knuckles, she said.

“This was an event in and of itself that would change the entire course of my life,” she told CNN.

And our lives, too, Koopersmith. Our lives too.

There’s also Thomas Roy, who has created the “Hoodie-Hoo Day,” described as a celebration in which you “grab a beach blanket or sunglasses and waving them at the winter sun while twice yelling, ‘Hoodie-hoo!’” in addition to 90 new holidays total. And food blogger John-Bryan Hopkins who keeps track of snoozier food related holidays like “National Hot Toddy Day.”

We actually just missed Hoodie-Hoo Day (February 20) but *leans in real close and whispers* time is a social construct. So I say if you feel like waving some glasses at the cold winter sun and letting out an enthusiastic “hoodie-hoo!,” just do it! While we’re at it, let’s make Tuesday officially a second Friday and my birthday “National Give Hazel Cills $500 Day.” Anything goes!

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The Noble Renard

If I had to make a holidy, it would be the “Not Trying” holiday where you’re legally entitled to not put on any pants all day and if you don’t get off of your couch except to make popcorn, no one is allowed to judge you.