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Any Interest in Buying This Erotic Eggplant?

Illustration for article titled Any Interest in Buying This Erotic Eggplant?

A seller on the New Zealand auction site Trade Me is offering an erotic eggplant for sale. As of this morning, the bidding is at over $100.


The length of the eggplant clocks in at an impressive seven inches with a four-inch circumference, according to the New Zealand Herald, which refers to the eggplant as a “phallic vegetable” for some reason.

Mashable reports:

The unnamed user from Waikato, New Zealand said the auction was just for a laugh. It all started when his father found the bizarre object growing in their vegetable patch and picked it last Wednesday.


According to the seller, his dad “thought it was hilarious, and my wife and I found it pretty funny too.”

First posted to the auction site on Saturday, the eggplant’s bidding has been robust. The seller says profits will go to the New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Hmm, what would you do with this erotic eggplant?

Image screenshot via Trade Me

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

Nah. Eggplant tastes like ass. Which, I suppose, is kind of appropriate.