ANTM's Eva Marcille Is Joining the Wacky Gals of Real Housewives of Atlanta


Eva Marcille, the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 winner who played the role of the badass diva, will appear as a featured “friend” on the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They’re lucky to have her.

The addition of Eva, along with the return of Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak, should be enough to fill the Phaedra-sized hole in our hearts, especially since Eva has reportedly shot scenes with Nene. TMZ reports:

Our production sources tell us Eva shot with the cast last Friday at an event for Kandi Burruss and she did so well, they’ve made her a part-time cast member.
We’re told Eva’s able to throw shade with the best of them but can also put on a smile for the ladies when she needs to. Producers hope her on-cam success continues so they can bring her on full-time for season 11.

Indeed, Eva will add the right amount of grace and rudeness to the show and will probably be a subject of jealousy (*cough* Kenya). She previously appeared on the heavily scripted Oxygen show Girlfriend Confidential, which nobody watched.

But it’s best to remember her from the early days of ANTM when the show was a touch less manufactured and Eva was best known as the “bitch diva” of the house. In the legendary clip below, she’s just minding her business, IRONING her clothes in a tiny hallway, while another contestant desperately searches for her lost crystals.

“Has anybody seen my crystals?” Amanda wonders, lightly bumping Eva in the hallway. Eva reacts: “Don’t me mad, please. It’s not becoming of you.”

Later, in another petty incident related to judging and jealousy, Eva responds to another contestant’s criticism with, “I am cute. I’m sorry, Jennifer. I am.”

Bravo, please give this woman a tagline.

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