Antidepressant Drug Use Up 400%

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You probably sensed this, but here it is: The use of antidepressant drugs has skyrocketed since 1988. Blame the shitty economy and slick ad campaigns: Antidepressants are the most frequently used medication. One in four women ages 40 to 59 take 'em, and one in 25 teens.

[USA Today]

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Depression is also by far the most under-diagnosed medical condition today. It's responsible for something like forty BILLION dollars a year in lost productivity and sick time, and even when depressed workers show up, the losses due to "presenteeism" are staggering.

If I can take a pill that lets me get out of bed in the morning and allow me to take care of myself instead of being a crying, unsure ball of unhappiness, why the fuck not?

I use antidepressants, and proudly.