Anti-Diversity Memo Writer Sues Google for Discriminating Against Conservative White Men

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Ex-Google engineer James Damore, a white man who might as well be gunning for a position in the Trump administration, has filed a class action lawsuit against Google, alleging discrimination against conservative white men. Yes, in a company where women make up only 31 percent of all employees, that is fighting a “pervasive pay gap,” and only six percent of employees are Black or “Hispanic” (according to internal Google data), won’t someone please address the inequalities experienced by conservative white men?

Google fired Damore in August after his 10-page internal memo, “Google’s Ideological Chamber,” went viral. In the memo, Damore argued what only a privileged white man could: that the pay gap and lower representation of women in engineering is due, in part, to “biological causes,” like a woman’s “neuroticism,” and that Google’s diversity programs were discriminatory for focusing on “people of a certain race or gender.” He, along with former Google engineer David Gudeman, are represented by Republican National Committee’s Comitteewoman for California, Harmeet K. Dhillon.

“Google’s management goes to extreme — and illegal — lengths to encourage hiring managers to take protected categories such as race and/or gender into consideration as determinative hiring factors, to the detriment of Caucasian and male employees and potential employees at Google,” reads the 161-page complaint.


The suit continues:

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Google is clearly a company mired down by groupthink, intolerant against intolerance. They probably all also believe that the Holocaust was real, and that slavery is bad, and that sexual predators have no business running for office. Shame on Google for being so narrow-minded.

Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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Fuck this douchebag. He would still be employed and thriving at Google if he hadn’t circulated that offensive memo via company channels. He didn’t lose his job because Google is prioritizing minority hires, he lost it because he wrote and disseminated a backwards-ass diatribe. If it wasn’t so frustrating, it would be hilarious to see just how self-centered and entitled these assholes are.