Anti-Choice Nutjobs Have Terrible Senses of Humor

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When Chelsea Handler appeared on Conan last night, the brash comedienne trotted out her usual raw, unapologetic schtick. This time, though, Handler got pretty transgressive, joking about an abortion she had in high school and telling Conan that she has “no regrets.” In response, anti-choice social media users demonstrated their endless capacity to flip the fuck out.


Guys, can we talk? We feminists totes had the market cornered on dour humorlessness until all these screechy anti-abortion rights people started copping our steez. Can you be cooler or something?

Twitchy, which is a site run by 42-year-old sassy teen Michelle Malkin (a person my grandma would probably call “the poor man’s Ann Coulter,” which is pretty sad since Ann Coulter is already so terrible), has a rundown of Twitter reactions to Handler’s appearance on Conan, which range from shocked! SHOCKED! to FOR SHAME! to UR HATESPEECHIN’ MEH!

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The Twitchy entry was intended to show just how terrible and unclassy Handler is, but what it actually showed was that there’s growing evidence that the anti-choice movement is destined to die out in the US not just because most women like to have a say about what goes on inside their own skin, but simply because it’s so humorless and lame. Mandy Moore’s character in Saved! was supposed to be a parody of how sanctimonious self-righteousness is alienating and off-putting, not an example of how to win friends and influence people. But that message seems to have been ignored by the folks in the Twitchy piece, the people on the EDGE OF THE PRO-LIFE FIGHT IN AMURRICA, which apparently includes a dude whose Twitter bio threatens to block PROFANE users. What are you doing on the internet, sir? Are you an actual Pilgrim?

But enough advice from me. Whatever your opinion of Chelsea Handler, let’s non-apoplectic folk raise a glass to her being courageous and honest. Or preach about her evils on Twitter to our incredible legion of 38 followers.

—Erin Ryan