Anti-Abortion Activists Behind Planned Parenthood Sting Videos Indicted

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Those inflammatory Planned Parenthood “sting videos” have finally gotten somebody indicted: Two of the anti-abortion activists who made them.

The Houston Chronicle reports on the outcome of a grand jury probe into Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast. In a turn of events, the district attorney will not be pressing charges against the women’s healthcare provider; however, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt have been indicted for “tampering with a governmental record,” and Daleiden got hit with “prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs,” too. According to the New York Times, the DA didn’t say what records had allegedly been tampered with. (Planned Parenthood alleges the pair used fake government IDs as part of their scheme, as well as a phony tissue procurement company.)

The DA’s office provided a statement:

“We were called upon to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast,” said Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson. “As I stated at the outset of this investigation, we must go where the evidence leads us. All the evidence uncovered in the course of this investigation was presented to the grand jury. I respect their decision on this difficult case.”


This of course comes on the heels of Planned Parenthood’s filing a lawsuit against Daleiden and his pals at the anti-abortion “Center for Medical Progress.” It’s a good day, at least.

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So Carly Fiorina and the rest of the GOP will be apologizing for spreading dangerous lies?

Lies that inspired a mass murderer?

I’m waiting.