Anthropologie's $400 Racist Candlestick No Longer For Sale

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Bad news for enthusiasts of offensive retro trinkets: Anthropologie has pulled that $400 racist candlestick and apologized.

As Buzzfeed reports:

Anthropologie Public Relations Director Sara Goodstein explains, "An independent artisan makes these one-of-a-kind candlesticks from vintage ceramics. Unfortunately two that we received included extremely inappropriate figurines, and we have removed them from our website." She adds: "We sincerely regret the offense we have caused."



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Montauk Monster

I own an item charmingly known as a “blackamoor lamp,” thanks to having grandparents that are dead. It’s been living in mom & dad’s basement for a decade because it will never be on display, ever again, but I can’t bring myself to sell or trash it (tacky and thoughtless options, respectively), due to having fond and loving memories of the aforementioned dead grandparents. The godawful thing was in their living room for years (like probably 50 years!) and I can’t disassociate the terrible, ugly, horrible lamp from my wonderful, loving, greatly-missed grandparents.


(Not my lamp, but a very similar example.)