Anthropologie Is Selling a $36 Spool of Twine

Illustration for article titled Anthropologie Is Selling a $36 Spool of Twine

As you're planning where to purchase the necessary components to gift wrap all your holiday presents, consider Anthropologie, a store where you can buy some practical and well-priced items, like a "large" spool of Baker's Twine for $36. Looks like a previously sold version of this twine was quite popular, though the reviews are not in on this stunning beige decorative rope.

For those on a budget, we recommend this $3.95 version of something called "butcher's string," which looks like basically the same thing.

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I think I will pass on the large and hold out hope for a smaller spool. I only have $20 to spend on twine, so I need to be smart about it.