Another Vice Employee Has Been Fired Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Image via Getty.

A little over a month after two women accused Mike Germano, Vice Media’s chief digital officer, of sexual harassment, he has left the company.

In late December, the New York Times outlined Vice’s culture of sexual harassment, describing it as “degrading and uncomfortable for women.” Of the two dozen women who spoke to the Times, two leveled sexual harassment allegations against Germano, including sexual comments and unwanted touching. In 2012, Germano told one employee that he initially didn’t want to hire her because he wanted to have sex with her. In 2014, he reportedly pulled a woman onto his lap.


Following the report, Germano, along with Vice president Andrew Creighton, was suspended. Vice later announced that Germano would not be returning to the company after an internal investigation. The Times reports that Vice is still “reviewing the facts” of Creighton’s case.

The Times’s story came after the Daily Beast reported in November on the “toxic” culture of sexual harassment at Vice. As a result of the Daily Beast story, Vice fired three employees in December, after completing internal investigations. Germano has the dubious distinction of becoming the fourth employee fired after sexual harassment allegations were made public.

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