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Another Disappointing Season Of Project Runway Comes To An End

Illustration for article titled Another Disappointing Season Of emProject Runway/em Comes To An End

Is anyone else ready to quit watching this damn show?

Illustration for article titled Another Disappointing Season Of emProject Runway/em Comes To An End

Maybe I was drunk, but the finale seemed endless. Peach is a gay icon, okay, let's move on! The runway shows are what we're here for! In general, the three finalist's clothes looked a lot better on the New York Fashion Week runway at Lincoln Center than they did on the ProjRun catwalk. But in the end, the whole thing was a huge disappontment.

Gretchen showed her boring monochromatic hippie crap. A short clip at left; more images from the runway show (which featured ten designers) here.


Andy's collection had some weird bottoms, but a couple of stunning dresses, really luxe, rich fabrics and whimsically gorgeous headpieces.

Mondo's collection was lively, inventive, fun and energetic. And Gretchen won. It really seemed like Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson wanted Mondo to win, but effing Michael Kors was rooting for stuff you can actually sell in a department store, so the boring shit that only the very thin and crunchy can wear won the whole damn thing. I'm upset, my mom is livid, but hopefully Mondo has a great career ahead of him. And if there is a God, Mondo and Anthony from season 7 will team up for some kind of talk show.

Flavorwire has a great post checking in on the winners from the first seven seasons of the show, so look back on happier times and find out what Jay McCarroll, Leanne Marshall and the rest of the gang are doing right now.

And remember: We always have our Mondo memories!

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I've been consoling myself by coming up with alternate titles to Gretchen's collection because "Running through Thunder" is just as ridiculous and vomit-inducing as everything else about her.

So far I have "Rolling on Kibble" (her collection was pretty much the same palette as what I feed my cats), and "Tripping on 1977." I like the imagery of the last one since it invokes both drug-induced delusions (of the judges) and the feeling of whacking your knee on a solid piece of furniture in your elderly aunt's rec room.

What else have you all got?