Another Bill Cosby Lawyer, Monique Pressley, Drops Out

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One of Bill Cosby’s lawyers has once again dropped out of representing him in his sexual assault case. After months spent defending Cosby in the public, Monique Pressley is no longer part of his legal team, according to court documents.


A spokesman for Cosby confirmed the departure on Tuesday. Cosby is currently facing three felony charges of second-degree aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Constand in 2004, as well as several civil suits and defamation suits. Angela Agrusa will reportedly step in to lead the defense.

Deadline reports:

Before leaving his side, Pressley was the primary public face of Cosby’s defense as she frequently appeared in the media on the actor’s behalf. She did not respond to Deadline’s request for comment about exiting Team Cosby. However, her social media presence is filled with photos and posts about going to court for Cosby during the past several months.

A lawyer for several women who filed defamation lawsuits against Cosby previously tried to have Pressley removed as his attorney.

Cosby’s previous, well-touted celebrity lawyer Marty Singer relieved himself of those duties in October 2015 as Christopher Tayback took on representation. Cosby then severed ties with Tayback in July of this year.

Pressley’s resignation comes after the 3rd Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled that Cosby could not have his deposition in the Constand case where he testified about his alleged sexual assaults resealed.

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Did you guys click through to the NYTimes article about the attempts to have Pressley removed? It’s weird. Listen to this:

The latest filing, first reported by The Washington Post, reflects the increasingly aggressive approach now being taken by both sides in the case as the poor state of relations between Mr. Cosby and his numerous accusers filters down to the lawyers battling over the accusations against the entertainer.

Um. As if the women who were raped by Cosby are supposed to be all buddy-buddy with him during the whole legal process in which those assaults and the defamation charges and everything are litigated? What the fuck?