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Attention, Phoenix Jezebels: there's a last-minute meet up taking place tonight at the George and Dragon Pub, 4240 N. Central Ave, at 5:30. So be there or be square, in the non hip-Huey Lewis way.


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Kathy with a K

I'm posting again because I have nothing else to do.

There's been a real shortage of women's get-togethers in my life, lately.

I really, truly wish I could be with a bunch of Jezebels right now. Right now I feel beaten down by the men's club that seems to rule the world. I'm surrounded by men at work, at my 12-step meetings... I can never be myself, I get self-conscious and get paranoid that all the men are imagining fucking me. Where are my women? The women who will tell me that I'm useful for something other than a sex object, a pretty little prop.