The jury's out on whether Love & Other Drugs will be decent. But the clothes at the premiere were weirdly mired in the 90s.

Molly Sims goes for a look that's both 40s and space-age.

I wasn't sure about the whole photo-print thing when I first saw it on the Prada runways, but Alexa Chung can make anyone a believer.


Anne Hathway has a lot going on here โ€” lacy Antonio Berardi, bejeweled bag, strappy shoe โ€” but somehow she makes it work.


Jake Gyllenhaal, sailing perilously close to the Regis.

Jessica White appears to have spilled some lace on her dress.


Jamie-Lynn Sigler looks like she's been spending a lot of time at local craft fairs. A lot of time.

Leelee Sobieski's bob gives her look a severe, 90s look.


Speaking of 90s flashbacks! Jessica Hart.

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