Anna Wintour Sees Nothing Wrong With Richardson's Behavior; Lourdes Raids Madge's Closet

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  • Terry Richardson's bookings haven't suffered much following allegations of his sexual misconduct on shoots. This week, Richardson shot Doutzen Kroes in Miami for American Vogue, and worked for Vogue Paris. So much for Condé's C.E.O. being "appalled." [Fashionologie]
  • Anna Wintour was also in Miami this weekend, but not to oversee the shoot. She was watching Roger Federer do what he does best. [FWD]
  • Madonna says Lourdes steals from her closet. "My Christian Dior shoes will go missing, and then some fabulous bag, I won't be able to find, and then my skinny jeans, the only pair that fit me, are gone — and these fishnets, I had to sew up a hole in them because she stole them the other day and wore them and put a hole in them. And then put them back in my closet." [AP]
  • Madonna also says Stella McCartney is partly responsible for Lourdes' interest in fashion. "She started giving Lola fabrics and inviting her into her showroom and asking her opinion on things, giving her sketch books and stuff like that. Stella always pushed her." [AP]
  • As speculation yesterday morning indicated, Peaches Geldof has now officially been dropped by Ultimo lingerie. She had been the face of its teen brand, and when news of her heroin-sex-and-Scientology scandal broke, over 3,000 parents complained. Unrelatedly: could the censorship blurs on this photo be any smaller? No, no they could not. [Sun]
  • Just what the merch doctor ordered: A Sex And The City 2: Electric Boogaloo thong set! [SB]
  • "Whether you're thin, fat, small, dark, blond, redhead, you wanna be something else," says Twiggy. "I wanted a fairy godmother to make me look like Marilyn Monroe. I had no boobs, no hips, and I wanted it desperately." [AP]
  • "Going to Paris is like losing your virginity: Even if it's bad, it's unforgettable," says Marc Jacobs. [P6]
  • "I really dress myself," says Rachel Bilson. [People]
  • Steve Madden used to read Us magazine while he was in prison. What's your excuse? [P6]
  • Christian Lacroix's final couture collection for Jean Patou, which was never produced, exceeded estimates and took in over $200,000 at auction in Paris. Next week, furniture from the offices of the bankrupt house of Lacroix will go under the hammer. [WWD]
  • Maison Martin Margiela is the focus of a major retrospective exhibition at Somerset House in London. It's set to open in June. [Telegraph]
  • For the first time in its history, Playboy is selling a version of its Bunny costume to the public. It costs $67, but the feeling of following in Gloria Steinem's footsteps is priceless. [NYPost]
  • Christian Louboutin's business grew by double digits in 2009. He claims he rarely gives shoes away to his celebrity clients, although he does admit he offers some discounts. His best customer? Danielle Steele. She owns more than 6,000 of his shoes. [WWD]
  • Prada's profit in the same period rose by only 2.8%, to $389.8 million, the company said. [Reuters]
  • The Post is again reporting that Asim Abdullah is looking to sell Emanuel Ungaro, the fashion house founded by the Spanish couturier and more recently made noteworthy for all the wrong reasons under the design direction of one Lindsay "Sparkle Pasties" Lohan. Abdullah reportedly met with Matteo Marzotto, the former president of Valentino, and discussed the sale of a 75% stake in the company. Last week, Abdullah denied an earlier report that the company was for sale. [NYPost]
  • In other fashion business news, Sir Philip Green allegedly took a member of the Walton family on a tour of Topshop's New York flagship last December. Could Topshop and Wal-Mart be collaborating somehow, or was this just a friendly visit? Fashionista mentions a third possibility: that the Walton family member is an Arcadia Group investor. [Fashionista]
  • And, just a reminder: in case you needed reconfirmation of Lohan's bad taste, she likes these hideous, $2,000 Versace shoes. [@LindsayLohan]
  • Selena Gomez's K-Mart line, Dream Out Loud, where no item costs over $24, is projected to generate over $100 million in sales this year alone. [WWD]
  • Crain's named Christian Siriano to its list of 40 "rising star" business owners under the age of 40. Siriano's revenues have grown 75% since 2008, to $1.2 million, and he expects growth of 40% this year. [Crain's]
  • L'Oreal is closing down Shu Uemura's operations in the U.S. to focus on the larger brands in its portfolio. Shu Uemura products will still be available to American consumers online. [WWD]
  • Hardy Amies, the Queen's official dressmaker, is exiting women's wear to focus on its core business, bespoke men's tailoring. [Telegraph]
  • Our newest threat to smooth-running, pleasant, and equitable retail operations is apparently entitled New York pregnant women. Those bitches. [Racked]

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"I really dress myself," says

Rachel Bilson.

Good for you, Rachel! I've dressed myself for a few years now, but that damn toothbrush still confuses me...