Anna Sui Put Big Bird in a Caftan

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In celebration of Sesame Street’s 50 year anniversary, InStyle has clothed some of the beloved muppets in designer wear for its most recent digital cover. It’s cute, and considering that most of the characters are canonically naked (with the exception of Bert and Ernie, why is that?) it’s more of a necessity than anything else. So, uh, thanks for doing what Jim Henson never could, but where’s Oscar the Grouch? And Grover? I demand justice for the less Instagrammable characters?

According to a press release, Marc Jacobs gifted Abby Cadabby a gown fresh off the Spring 2019 runway, Cookie Monster wore a shiny, sparkling blue jacket by Rosie Assoulin, and Isaac Mizrahi swapped Bert and Ernie’s stripes for bright pink varsity sweaters. Opening Ceremony dressed Elmo in a freaking track suit and Anna Sui put Big Bird in a caftan. They honestly all look great.

Opening Ceremony founder Humberto Leon said the following:

“Elmo loved posing with Elmo’s friends in snazzy outfits! I wanted to give Elmo a bit of the ease. We put him in our classic Opening Ceremony tracksuit, because he feels super cool to me.”


He does, indeed.

Watch an adorable video of the Sesame Street crew overwhelming InStyle’s fashion closet. Cookie Monster tries to eat a shoe that looks like a cookie. They pose in slow motion. It’s nice!

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This was adorable!

Slightly off topic story time. Recently I was at a party, and while waiting for the bathroom for some reason drunk discussing Sesame Street with some girl there. She kept insisting Big Bird was male. I was convinced they were female. After a while I found out she grew up on Curacao or something like that and she grew up watching the American Sesame Street.

I grew up watching the Dutch Sesame Street. With a female Big Bird. Who is called Pino. And is blue. I just googled and apparantly Pino is played by a woman, but supposed to be a 3-year old boy. I’m so confused. My childhood was a lie.

After we cleared this I may started the discussion on whether Wicky the Viking was male or female? (Did you have this show in the US?)

If you need a visual, this is Pino and Ini-mini the mouse playing hide and seek :)