Anna Paquin Joins Cast of Alias Grace to Get Murdered

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The new adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace has found its Nancy Montgomery in Anna Paquin, who is certainly no stranger to televised blood and gore.

The six hour mini-series is written and produced by Sarah Polley and directed by Marry Harron, also responsible for the film American Psycho. This whole thing is shaping up to be a horror filled nightmare! Montgomery was the real life housekeeper and lover of Thomas Kinnear, who lived in upper Canada in the mid-1800s. Montgomery supposedly became jealous of their servant, Grace Marks, and fired her. She and Kinnear were found brutally murdered soon after, a murder that Marks was eventually convicted of.


Deadline reports that Sarah Polley is hyped about Paquin joining the cast, quoting her as saying, “Anna is an incredibly versatile performer who always makes complex, unpredictable and fascinating choices in her work... It’s always a marvel to watch her.”

The series is set to air on Netflix and Paquin’s home country network, the CBC.

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