Anna Kendrick's Rule for Naked Selfies: 'Clean Your Room'

Illustration for article titled Anna Kendricks Rule for Naked Selfies: Clean Your Room

Anna Kendrick popped by Conan Wednesday night, and she had some useful advice for people snapping nude photos of themselves: "Listen, naked selfie your life away. Go do your thing. But clean your room."

And you know what? She's absolutely right. Anything worth doing is worth doing well and if your overflowing laundry basket dominates the background you're just not giving it a hundred percent, artistically. Just shove those damp towels out of the frame or something.

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Jess, Queen of the Raptors

This is excellent advice!

Also, can we stop taking sexy pictures/nudes/whatever selfies/just pictures in general in the bathroom? Unless you have a reason to take said picture in said location, just STAHP.