Anna Dello Russo Would Like To Take A (Fashion) Shower With You

So, this is Vogue Japan fashion editor Anna Dello Russo's first dance single. In it, she wears Dsquared2 ice-skate heels, does yoga poses, and tells an imaginary viewer, "You need a fashion shower. Why? Because I love it." Music (and back-up dancing) provided by some little dude named Radio Deejay UPDATE: the guy's name is Diego Passoni, and he presents a show on an Italian radio station called Radio Deejay, where Dello Russo is a weekly guest. Is this unintentionally funny, intentionally funny, or a little from column A and a little from column B? We don't know what a "fashion shower" is, exactly, but we did notice that Dello Russo advises, as she has in the past, "Before you get dressed, dance, dance, dance, dance."


Radio Deejay is actually one of the biggest commercial radios in Italy (the phrase in Italian would actually translate as "Deejay radio" in English), and that's their logo. They're known for stunt singles, so this isn't exactly a surprise. The back-up dancer is called Diego Passoni and is one of their best-known hosts.