Anna Chapman, Deported Russian Spy, Is Now a Fashion Designer

Remember Anna Chapman, the questionably skilled Russian sleeper agent who was deported back to her native country in 2010? It seems she's decided to parlay her notoriety and reputation for glamour into a new career as a designer.

Of course. She was obviously destined for fashion stardom from the minute we saw that unnervingly flattering mugshot. (The fact that she later appeared in a Moscow fashion show and promptly dropped a hand gun on the floor notwithstanding.)


According to the Guardian, who scored an interview, features of the collection include long print dresses and handbags with the covers of famous Russian works like Nikolai Chernyshevsky's What is to be Done? Honestly, it looks like what you'd get if you put Vladimir Putin in charge of Modcloth for two weeks.

She told the Guardian that she was in fact inspired by her love of the motherland:

"We have a significant group of people who don't like wearing clothes that bear a different ideology, and have a design that is oriented more to the west than to our own culture," she said. "I was inspired by Russian culture, particularly of the Tsarist period. I wanted to make something that was part old-Russian, part modern."


Why, you ask? But how can she explain such a thing?! "Why am I inspired by Russian literature or Russian culture? It's not in my mind but in my heart. Can I explain it? No, I just feel it. It's similar to the feeling I have about my mum."

Image via Anna Chapman's amazing website

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