Ann Taylor's "Twist Neck, No Arm Tee"

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Last month, Victoria's Secret posted a photo of model Marisa Miller with only one arm, and now Ann Taylor is picking up on the trend! (Note: No matter how big this gets, neither company will be accepting applications from actual amputees.)

In the photo of the Twist Neck Short Sleeve Tee, which was spotted on Ann Taylor's website by Photoshop Disasters, it seems the model is meant to be hooking her thumbs in her back pockets while prancing in front of a wind machine. The shape of her left sleeve suggests we should be able to see at least a wedge of arm, but it's mysteriously absent.

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Since the image hit the web, it's been replaced with a photo of the model wearing a pink shirt, with all appendages clearly visible.

Given that an Ann Taylor rep told us last summer, "We really put precautionary measures in place this year as we agree our retouching had been overzealous and inconsistent with our beliefs," we're wondering why excessive photo manipulation has been a continuing motif on the website. Generally the models don't look as cartoonish as they once did, but it's the site still regularly shaves off bits of the women's silhouettes.


Perhaps they threw in this more drastic image just to keep us on our toes. If this young lady is in fact the J. Walter Weatherman of models, we'd like to leave a note for Ann Taylor: "That's why you don't mangle women's bodies in Photoshop."

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Baberaham Lincoln

There is no way you wouldn't be able to see at least a sliver of arm if it wasn't 'shopped. I can't believe people are saying that there's a possibility it's just hidden behind her body. Her arms aren't THAT thin. Also, if you look closely, the boob on the missing arm side looks smaller.

I'm willing to bet that, like, half of her arm is hidden behind her body, and the other have was obliterated via photoshop thinning.