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Ann Curry's Cute Summer Dress Costs More Than Your Rent

Illustration for article titled Ann Currys Cute Summer Dress Costs More Than Your Rent

This morning on Today, Ann Curry wore a simple, adorable A-line shift dress with bright, happy flower appliqués. Charming, summery, fresh. A cursory search reveals that it is the "Fleurty dress" in cream, by Lisa Perry. Price tag? $1295. Repeat: Thirteen hundred U.S. dollars. It's super cute! But — correct me if I am wrong — it has two seams. Good morning, good morning, good morning this morning, I am rich. This is not Ann's only Lisa Perry dress — she's also worn a black one with white circle pockets ($895), and she wore a red and pink one (also $895) on her first day as co-anchor in June. That's three grand for three outfits. Not including tax. Or shoes.


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ad infinitum

Wouldn't the same be true of the suits worn by most men in similar roles on television?