Ann Curry Responds to Matt Lauer Firing, Says She's 'Still Really Processing It'

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Ann Curry, who briefly co-anchored the Today show alongside Matt Lauer, gave an interview to People on Wednesday responding to the news that Lauer was fired on Tuesday over allegations of sexual misconduct.


While Curry said she was “still processing” the news, she added:

“I admire the women who have been willing to speak up both anonymously and on the record. Those women need to keep their jobs, and all women need to be able to work, to be able to thrive, without fear. This kind of behavior exists across industries, and it is so long overdue for it to stop. This is a moment when we all need to be a beacon of light for those women, for all women, and for ourselves.”

In 2012, Curry was one year into a three-year, $10-million-per contract to co-host the Today show when NBC reassigned her. Many at the time blamed Lauer for squeezing her off the show.


On Tuesday, Bambadjan Bamba—an actor on the NBC sitcom The Good Place as well as in the upcoming Black Panther movie—revealed his status as an undocumented immigrant, 25 years after he and his family fled Côte D’Ivoire.

Bamba told the Los Angeles Times that his decision to publicize his immigration status was spurred on by the Trump administration’s efforts to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood arrivals program (DACA).

“Immigrants are not criminals,” Bamba told the Times. “Were not here to take away your jobs. We’re here to give back. We’re not just Mexicans or Latino. We’re black, too. We’re from the Middle East, from Asia, too. We’re your neighbors, your doctors, the teachers of your children, and sometime we’re on TV in your home, characters that you love. We’re just one of you.”


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Some people vehemently disliked her, but I enjoyed Ann Curry. Her voice tended toward a low register, and that was soothing (especially compared to Matt’s sometimes-nasally chatter, and another chirpy host whose name I cannot be bothered to recall).

Her response to this question was extremely diplomatic. If I’d been in her shoes, I would’ve basically said ‘Glad to hear it’ and hung up the phone.

Bring her back- she deserves it.