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Ann Curry Makes Graduation Gaffes

Illustration for article titled Ann Curry Makes Graduation Gaffes

Ann Curry lauded famous grad Billy Graham in her commencement speech at the Massachusetts's Wheaton College Saturday — but Graham went to the other Wheaton, in Illinois. In her apology, she misspelled the name of actual grad Lesley Stahl. [CBS/AP]


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Ok, in all seriousness, I cannot stand this woman. Yes, she is probably intelligent and she is of course pretty (she is on TV, duh) but she is positively the most annoying person on television. Her fabricated and forced sense of "gravitas" makes me, well, insane. The pretend seriousness that is the same wether she's talking about diet food, the Dali Lama, or mass murder - it all hits the same note no matter what the topic and then combined with the condescending smugness on her face, ack!

Actually, I'm so inflamed just thinking about it I can't even put it into words. I cannot be alone in this ... anyone?