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Ann Curry and Matt Lauer May Be Battling Over Brangelina's First Post-Split Interview

Time, man. Time. (Image via Getty)
Time, man. Time. (Image via Getty)

The split of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that nearly split Hollywood in two has since led to an aftershock on an entirely different battleground, as Page Six is reporting NBC anchor/failed debate moderator Matt Lauer and former coworker/current, uh, freelance journalist (?) Ann Curry are fighting over who will nab the first big interview covering the newly estranged A-listers. And sources are suggesting it’s Curry, not Lauer, who has the upper hand.


Writes Page Six:

An insider tells us that Curry, who left the network in 2015, is known in the industry to “have a very good relationship with both [stars]” and that “Angie especially trusts her” because Curry has covered their humanitarian efforts extensively.


(Page Six also reported this week that NBC’s production company had scrapped a Lifetime special on the pair, perhaps because the company was worried about pissing them off.)

The insider went on to say Curry (who has a rocky history with Lauer, to say the least) could take the hypothetical interview (presumably filmed as two separate sit-downs, because can you imagine Brangie together at this point?) “anywhere she wanted,” which probably means “anywhere but NBC.” Makes sense!

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Anne all the way. Angelina has shown a preference to her in the past. Plus Matt’s too glib and smug and twatty.