Ann Coulter Called in Sick to Chelsea Handler's Show, and Chelsea Was Pissed

Chelsea Handler says she’s frequently accused of only presenting one side of the presidential race, so she went out on a limb to book one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters on her Netflix show Chelsea. Ann Coulter agreed to do the show, but the day of, she called in sick. Or “emailed in sick.” Handler was pretty angry that she’d read Coulter’s book for this.


Handler declares that the show must go on and introduces Ann Coulter’s “body double,” played by comedian and Round Table co-host Fortune Feimster in a wig. Handler wants to give the audience some hint of how the interview would have gone, and at first it seems very clear why Coulter bowed out. It’s a brutal take down of a the woman on the Right who everyone loves to hate. Except, it’s not. They’re just reading her actual words from In Trump We Trust.


You probably know that Coulter is (or plays that she is) racist and xenophobic, hates women and doesn’t think they should vote, believes torture should be a televised sport, that there’s never been a pretty woman on the Left, and is fine with gay people because she thinks they bring up the property values in her neighborhood. Whether she would have taken responsibility for these words in person or not we’ll never know, but Feimster (as Ann Coulter) gleefully listing all the names she gets called was almost worth missing the actual confrontation.

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Ann Coulter doesn’t have the stamina to be a professional troll. Have you seen her lately? Something’s really wrong with her, a lot of people are saying. Had to cancel an event. Sad!