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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! superstar Ann Coulter gave some of her pithiest “oh snap!” responses in a recent interview, including a cool burn at Lena Dunham.


In case you forgot, Coulter is playing the Vice President of the United States in the third Sharknado installment on SyFy in July.

While Coulter was on tour for her new book—which has the word “Hellhole” in the title—The Hollywood Reporter asked her about her upcoming fictional VP role, to which Coulter responded with something truly disrespectful:

Do you think you’re a good actor?

I think I’m as good an actor as Lena Dunham, so no.

This has been Ohhhhhh SNAP, brought to you by Ann Coulter.

A few other jokes from this good comedian’s interview:

“My greatest acting performance was pretending to enjoy the movie Selma.”

“I play a hot babe in a brilliantly conceived story about what happens when you give mental patients a small film budget.”

“The first time I heard ‘Sharknado’ I thought it was a late-night infomercial for a new vacuum cleaner.”

“Let’s face it, a fake movie is the only way they could get rid of me.”

“The most irritating movie character for me was that cradle-to-grave commie, Mary Poppins.”


This has been Good One, brought to you by Ann Coulter.

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