Anita Hill Will Be Here Taking Your Questions on Thursday

Freida Mock's documentary Anita hits theaters this week, and on Thursday, Anita Hill will be right here on Jezebel, answering questions from readers.

The film takes viewers from the 1991 hearings in front of the all-male Senate Judiciary Committee to the present day, examining Professor Hill's journey from private citizen to public voice calling attention to sexual harassment in the workplace. Rob Abcarian of the Los Angeles Times calls the film an "unabashed love letter" to Hill, writing:

It's painful to be dragged back into the past, via old clips, as senators try to embarrass Hill by forcing her to repeat porn names like "Long Dong Silver," descriptions of pubic hair on Coke cans and discussions of penis size she says she was forced to endure as Thomas' employee at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

At a long table by herself, in a blue turquoise suit, she sits calmly, without erupting or crying. When pressed about why she hadn't come forward sooner, she seems as perplexed as some of the senators. But 20 years ago, that wasn't exactly unusual behavior for women whose bosses made unwanted sexual advances. It still isn't.


Be sure and prepare some questions!

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