Angelina Jolie Will Co-Chair a British Summit on Wartime Rape

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On Thursday, William Hague, the UK's Foreign Secretary, announced that London will host a global summit next year to demand "justice and respect" for the victims of wartime rape. Oh, and by the way, Angelina Jolie will be co-chairing the event.

According to the London Evening Standard, Jolie has campaigned with Hague against sexual violence in her role as a UN special envoy for refugees. The upcoming London summit will be attended by representatives from 137 countries, all of which have signed a British-backed declaration that rape in "conflict zones" will never be ignored or overlooked for the sake of negotiating tenuous peace deals.

Hague emphasized the importance of a popular celebrity like Jolie in the ongoing effort to draw attention and outrage to sexual violence in war-torn countries. Jolie herself added,

This summit is long overdue. The goal must be an end to impunity, and justice and respect for the survivors of these horrendous crime.

We are committed to see that through no matter what it takes, and I hope other countries will take part and live up to their responsibilities.


During the three-day summit, judges, doctors, and police officers who've worked in warzones will share their experiences trying to keep women safe and effectively punish perpetrators of sexual violence.

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All Corgis All the Time

I know people hate on celebrities who do charity work; hell, I often do. But I've always respected Jolie's approach. Her celebrity highlights major humanitarian issues worldwide and brings media attention to them when they'd normally not get any attention.

I really do believe this woman absolutely understands her privileged upbringing and adult life, and has decided to use the cult of celebrity to bring attention to important causes.

I really respect her.