Angelina Jolie Doesn't Want to See Brad Pitt Prosecuted, Okay?

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In today’s Brangelina divorce news, Angelina Jolie has no intention of helping secure a child abuse charge against Brad Pitt, TMZ reports:

Our Angelina sources say she’s adamant ... Brad should not face criminal charges for getting physical with 15-year-old Maddox on their private jet. We’re told she’ll go “radio silent” if authorities make a move to build a case against her estranged husband.


Some sources say Jolie accused Pitt of striking their son Maddox in the face, but others say that Pitt merely lunged at him, though Jolie intervened.

Maddox was not injured, and because of the conflicting reports, it appears as though child services will likely not meddle with the couple’s custody proceedings. What a mess.


Ozzy Osbourne’s mistress, Michelle Pugh, has resolved her lawsuit against Kelly Osbourne, in which Pugh accused her of all sorts of things including bullying and defamation of character, and whatever charge comes with tweeting out a private phone number:

“The tweets have been removed and the lawsuit has been privately resolved. The resolution statement is mutual,” Pugh’s lawyer F. Edie Mermelstein exclusively tells PEOPLE.


Earlier this week, Pugh amended her initial complaint against Ozzy’s daughter, specifying that Kelly was attacking Pugh online for her own gain:

In the complaint obtained by PEOPLE, Pugh claimed that Kelly used her Twitter account to “paint a target” on Pugh’s back “as a publicity stunt for financial gain” in the promotion for her upcoming book, There’s No F—-ing Secret. Kelly tweeted out Pugh’s direct phone number and accused her of “elder abuse” when news of Pugh’s affair with Osbourne broke in May.


So sad for Pugh, but I stand behind Kelly’s reasoning, which she previously told Page Six: “Don’t fuck with my family, don’t fuck with my momma, and don’t fuck with me.”


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