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Angela Merkel Cancels Meeting With Vladimir Putin Because He Was Late

Illustration for article titled Angela Merkel Cancels Meeting With Vladimir Putin Because He Was Late

Merkel don't play.

Today marks the first day of the two-day ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting), held in Milan and gathering leaders from 53 countries that represent approximately 60% of the world. Vladimir Putin has been deeply Putinesque in his ASEM appearances so far, responding to harsh criticism over Russia's involvement in the violent conflict in Ukraine by saying things like, "We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major powers could bring for strategic stability," and generally stonewalling against criticisms of Russia's lack of commitment to fully implementing the ceasefire called last month, as the Los Angeles Times reports.


Earlier today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out against Putin: "It is above all Russia's task to say clearly that the Minsk plan is really respected." The two leaders were supposed to meet at 6 pm; Putin was late; Merkel swiftly cancelled, and, according to The, "would not say whether or not they would reschedule."

Putin, you know better.

Image via AP.

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I was raised that being on time is a show of respect. I HATE when people are late, especially when they don't call to tell you they're running late, then have the audacity to catch an attitude when you go ahead and eat without them. The mother fucking reservation said 8:00, not 9:00, go fuck yourself because I'm hungry.