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Decades before becoming one of the best working directors around (controversy aside, Zero Dark Thirty was a beautifully directed movie), Kathryn Bigelow was exercising her creative talents as a painter. That is until some guy named Andy Warhol advised her to put down her brushes and get into the film business.


In her upcoming cover story for Time, Bigelow remarks on the origins of her film career, saying:

"I think I had a conversation with Andy Warhol somewhere in all this, and Andy was saying that there's something way more populist about film than art — that art's very elitist, so you're excluding a large audience. "


You think that's cool? Susan Rothenberg once told me that I had a natural build for waitressing.

Andy Warhol Told a Young Kathryn Bigelow to Get Into Movies [Vulture]

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