Andy Rooney Hospitalized In Serious Condition

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After "serious complications" following a surgery, Andy Rooney is in the hospital. According to CBS, the 92-year-old's condition is stable, but the network declined to give further information. Three weeks ago, America's cranky grandfather delivered his last sign-off on 60 Minutes; he'd been reading his essays for 33 years. Even if he often elicited an eye roll, he was sometimes the most reliable thing in our lives, like the nation's constant. No matter what happened out there, we could always count on Andy Rooney being annoyed with something. And with that, he earned a degree of our affection.



Several years ago, I read one of his books, which was way less curmudgeon-like than he was on 60 minutes and actually quite funny. I am pretty sure he wrote it in the 80's, but I can't remember the title. I hope isn't going to be in the the hospital long.