Andy Dwyer Goes To College, Takes A Course In Women's Studies

In last night's episode of Parks And Recreation, Pawnee's resident simpleton decided to kickstart his career and sample a few courses at the local community college. At April's suggestion, Andy tried an introductory guitar class, but decided it was boring, since he's already a achieved success with his band, Mouse Rat. At at Ron's urging, Andy sat in on a science course about lasers. But when Andy discovered that the course was all about theory — and not playing with actual lasers, he declared it to be "one of the most significant bummers of my lifetime." When he chose a course at random, he wound up in an Introduction to Women's Studies class — and they all loved it. Papa Bear Ron saw the thirst for knowledge inside of Andy and presented him with a "Ron Swanson Scholarship" in order to pursue his interest in Women's Studies. Of course, a newfound passion doesn't always mean that you necessarily "get it." Andy kind of made an ass of himself on the first day. Still: 'A' for effort!

And for the supporters of Ben and Leslie's romance, I had to include this choice little clip. Earlier in the season, as some may recall, Leslie put her relationship on hold in order to advance her political career. I won't say anything else for those who haven't yet watched the episode, but please feel free to discuss in the comments, as I let out a literal squeal upon watching and I know that I can't be the only one!



I wish I had a tail, so I could wag it every time I'm reminded of Parks and Rec. I can feel it bubbling up inside me yet I lack the body parts to express myself. Maybe I could have a penis transplant and secretly turn around under the surgery blanket so they'd attach it to my butt. (that was a strange detour in my train of thought)

I haven't watched this episode yet, but it sounds so supremely awesome I'm going to delay it to tomorrow night, and see it whilst surrounded by fast food, cats and pillows and my 2 litre pack of organic wine by my side. Making the most of my weekend home alone!