Andy Cohen Gave Kathy Griffin the 'I Don't Know Her' Treatment

Image via TMZ.
Image via TMZ.

While trying to get through his day without being approached by a TMZ reporter at LAX, TV host extraordinaire Andy Cohen was approached by a TMZ reporter and asked about co-hosting his best friend Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve show on CNN—the very co-hosting gig once held by Cooper’s former friend Kathy Griffin. “Have you talked to Kathy at all in the meantime?” the reporter asked.


Unfortunately for TMZ—or, no, fortunately—Cohen had no interest in talking about what’s her name. “Who?” he asked.

“Kathy Griffin,” the reporter clarified.

“Who?” Cohen repeated.

Confused, the reporter repeated, “Kathy Griffin!!!”

And then Cohen, god bless him, said, “I don’t know her.”

Some may call this petty—and maybe after thinking about it a little more, perhaps I will too. But right now, at 8:52 on Friday morning, I’m going to describe it as a master class in dealing with TMZ.


Here’s a story about Ashanti. It begins seven days ago, when she posted a number of photos of herself in a swimsuit emblazoned with Swarovski crystals on her Instagram. The photos were reportedly “from her new ad campaign for Ciroc,” and one of them looked like this:

She looks great, doesn’t she? So does the swimsuit, which was “custom-made” and worth $700. But, per ONTD, it wasn’t hers to keep. While that’s not surprising for an ad campaign (celebrities wear borrowed clothes all the time), they are still expected to return them in good condition. Unfortunately, according to the swimsuit’s designer Aidan Euan, Ashanti didn’t hold up her end of the bargain.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Euan shared a photo of the above bikini—looking particularly inelegant and covered in a layer of grime—alongside the following caption:

@ashanti You look beautiful in your new Ciroc campaign. But I’ve tried the professional approach to reach out to your stylist and your team and still no definitive response about getting a reimbursement on the damaged bikini your team sent back...The bikini for example as I’ve mentioned before is all hand made, with 16 hours of labor and over 6,000 hand placed Swarovski crystals that I personally placed. This was a free of charge pull and the bikini was to be used in another planned pull right after this project. I lost the pull that followed with a stylist I highly respect because the bikini was returned damaged and unwearable. Ive been fishing and chasing a discounted reimbursement that I still have yet to receive.


Here’s the bikini as Euan says he received it:

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I am going to assume the deletion of the aforementioned post is a sign that Ashaniti’s team has made amends for their mistakes, but—alas—it’s “Foolish” to assume the screenshots won’t live on.


Here’s Selena Gomez crediting Francia Raisa with saving her life on The Today Show.


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Re: the bikini: The designer should be take this up with the Ciroc team, or the ad/production agency who owned the shoot. Just send them an invoice (and, lesson learned, don’t lend clothing for paid ad campaigns—they should buy that shit!). Ashanti didn’t pull the bikini for personal use or even one of her own projects—this is not on her.