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On Thursday’s episode of Fox News’ lady-focused Outnumbered, Andrea Tantaros shared the true and meaningful sadness she felt over two women graduating from the Army’s Ranger School. In light of the historic moment, Tantaros made it clear that though she is “all for female empowerment,” but this was hardly a moment worth celebration.


“I believe in equality and all those things, but there seems to be this sense that men can’t have anything to themselves anymore,” Tantaros said.They’re, like, kicking down the doors like golf clubs and Navy SEALs...we have to be everywhere in the name of empowerment.” Tantaros seemed to be most concerned over the feelings of the male Rangers, indicating that it wasn’t just about women’s ability to physically match their male counterparts, “We should care about how these [men] feel. It’s not always about the women.” But don’t worry women, Tantaros notes that we still have rooms of our own, “I don’t see men ever trying to bust into our all-girl spas.”

When co-host Julie Roginsky countered that the women had passed, and thus should be allowed to join, Tantaros said, “It’s not about their competition, Julie. It’s how the people that they’re fighting next to feel as well. You have to factor that in.” While mounting a true and pure defense of the feelings of men, Tantaros left out one important fact: peer evaluations are part of passing Ranger school and failing peer evaluations (receiving less than 60% support) results in disqualification. It would seem, despite Tantaros’ suggestion, that male Army Rangers are pretty comfortable fighting with women. Full video (via Media Matters) below:


Image via Fox News; Video via Media Matters.

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“I believe in equality and all those things, but....”

Word to the wise, if someone uses “but” after a sentence they just said you can be rest assured that everything they said prior to the word is a lie and everything afterwards is what they really think. “I’m not racist, but...., I don’t hate women, but..., I don’t discriminate against gays, but....” Every. Single. Time.

Edit: It also kills me how women who have directly benefited from feminism like Ms. Tantaros is like “fuck feminism”. She wouldn’t have a job on air, a college degree or even the ability to vote without it.