"You gotta cover, you eat it, you say it's fabulous. You don't like your twitch or your twisted lip, it's fine. You're on the Vogue cover." Yes, you will take your Photoshop, bizarre makeup choices, and you will like it.

Do you hear that, Gwyneth? Just because Vogue gave you a robot head floating somewhere above your neck, you may not complain.

Yes, Anne Hathaway. Change. We can change your face into some arrangement of features we prefer. And you can't say boo. Isn't it just dandy?


Conservatives estimates place the number of individual alterations made to this photo-collage at around 9,999.


American Vogue has a long and storied tradition of going to great lengths to make perfectly handsome celebrities look awful. Clearly Talley has no problem with that.

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