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Anderson Cooper Confesses To Kleptomaniac Childhood

Illustration for article titled Anderson Cooper Confesses To Kleptomaniac Childhood

While guest co-hosting on Regis & Kelly this morning, Anderson Cooper revealed that as a child he stole a huge amount of silverware from airlines. He explains, "I kept thinking, one day I'll have a house and I'll need cutlery."

Clearly little Anderson didn't realize that being a Vanderbilt means you'll never want for eating utensils. It sounds like AC isn't using his recently-discovered set of tiny stolen silverware in his Manhattan apartment, but we wouldn't put it past him. After all, this is a man who still sleeps on the bed his mom bought him as a toddler.


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I. love. Anderson Cooper.

In 2006, when his book came out, I was a counselor for 12 year old girls at a sleep away camp. My roommates from home mailed me Dispatches from the Edge and I just about DIED AND SQUEALED when I opened it.

The 12 year olds, naturally, with their Zac Efron posters, were baffled. "But he's so OLD, LaFab," they said.

Then, last Christmas, I was coming out of a candy supply store in Chelsea, and WHO DO I SEE ON THE STREET?!

Our boy AC, that's who. I stop and I froze and it was like seeing a unicorn in the wild. He got into a car and I immediately called my mom.

Me: "Guess who I just saw on the street?"

Mama: "Who?"


Mama:"Oh my gooooshhhh!!! Did you just DIE?! Did you tell him— did you tell him that you want to have his silver-haired babies?"

...I also have a thing for Brian Williams.