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And We're Back: Here Is Your Shondaland Open Thread

Illustration for article titled And Were Back: Here Is Your Shondaland Open Thread

Greetings, it’s been a minute since we’ve all gathered to willingly and enthusiastically allow Shonda Rhimes to manipulate our feelings and heart rates.


Shondaland is back tonight after a nearly three month hiatus so go crazy. For those who need a quick and only semi-helpful refresher: On Grey’s Anatomy, hopefully Jackson is about to tell April he wants a divorce, over in DC, Olivia has discovered colors on Scandal, and the last we saw of Annalise Keating and How to Get Away With Murder, somebody gave her a baby.

Here we go.

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Fired Jeb! staffer is sick and tired of ya damn emails

Scandal has gone so far off the rails plot-wise we can’t even see the rails, but I’m still going to stare at Olivia Pope’s clothes.